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Accessibility Audit

If you need a complete report on your webite or to be compliant with ADA(opens in a new tab), WCAG(opens in a new tab), or Section 508(opens in a new tab), an accessibility audit is ideal for you.

Our audits are more than just a report. For every accessibility issue, you’ll get recommendations on how to fix them.

The first consultation is on us.

We're all ears for 45 minutes.

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Our Process

Our accessibility audit has 3 phases. The duration of each will depend on your needs and the complexity of your website.

  1. Assessment

    • Product analysis
    • Issues report
    • Recommended solutions
  2. Improvement

    • Training
    • Support
  3. Compliance

    • Re-evaluation
    • VPAT 2.3(opens in a new tab) & Accessibility Statement(opens in a new tab)

Aditus Certificate

We can help you to be an accessibility expert.

If you need a tailored service, we also offer consulting and training.

Drop us an email to know more about these services.

How do we test your website?

We use different testing techniques to ensure we deliver quick and reliable reports.

Automated Testing

We start by using automated testing tools. While this only identifies around 30% of the errors, it gives us a good perception on your website.

Semi-Automated Testing

We write functional tests that automatically interact with your website. This reveals accessibility issues that were otherwise not detectable with fully automated tools.

Manual Testing

Automated testing only gets us so far. At last, we manually test your website. This makes sure the report you get is accurate and reliable.